Could accountancy be your next career move?

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Thinking about a career move is a big decision. Getting it wrong could be costly, either on your finances or on your time – or both! – so it is vital to think long and hard about the direction you want to take.

What do you want from your career?

When you think about job satisfaction, what does that actually entail? Most of us think about ensuring there is room for career development and growth, security within a chosen role, and a salary that allows you to live the life you want outside of work. Some people even manage to tick all of those boxes while also doing something that they love or are passionate about.

At AT Solutions, we feel incredibly lucky that we are those people. Not only are we passionate about accountancy, we also have the opportunity to share this through our training; seeing our students develop is extremely rewarding.

Have you ever considered a career in accountancy?

No? Well, here are a few reasons why you should! First and foremost, think of a single business that doesn’t need an accountant. It’s impossible! From the self-employed right through to multinational corporations, every business that earns money needs someone to carry out the bookkeeping and file tax returns.

There are various levels of accountancy and various tasks that fall under its umbrella, which means that you’ll have the scope to continually learn, build new skills and make yourself all the more desirable to employers.

In addition, while accountancy is a professional skill that really boosts your employability, but it can also provide you with the means to set up your own company. Whether you choose to freelance as a bookkeeper or build up a full consultancy firm, the sky really is your limit.

Want to know more?

If that’s given you food for thought, why not explore your options by speaking to us on 0151 934 1166 about the various courses we offer that could kickstart your new career?

Remember, you spend a lot of your life working, so make sure you set yourself off on a career path that will give you satisfaction and enjoyment – when you love what you do, you’ll never spend another day working!